How to Pick a Giveaway Winner on Instagram

How to Pick a Giveaway Winner on Instagram
  • 15.08.2022
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Is it time to wrap up your giveaway and you are looking for a service to collect and check data? Search no longer - the service is here!


Hi, this is You to Gift and we help bloggers, SMM managers, and other nice people run giveaways. And yes, we are good at it: there are already over 2000 reviews from real people on our website. 


We can determine the winner based on any parameters. For example, the giveaway rules say that participants have to subscribe, leave a comment, and like the giveaway post. We'll collect the database of participants based on comments, and for the selected winner, we'll check the likes and subscriptions. You don't have to do anything manually - everything happens automatically. 


The process is very fast and you spend literally a couple of minutes to get the result. Speed and convenience are our thing. 


You don't have to register. Why would we need all these outdated and unnecessary requirements? We value your time, so we accept complete anonymity and do not require you to provide us with your Instagram username and password. And who wants to wait for authorization when you need the result here and now?


You can test the service with us. You can pay for and run your giveaway in advance. When it’s time to pick a winner, go to the website again, provide a link to the same post/profile and the system will determine the winner again.


Since you have already paid to collect the database for this giveaway, there will be no extra charge. We will re-display the results and even retrieve the database if any participants are added. 


There are no errors. An Excel file will be generated for each giveaway with all participants’ usernames. When the giveaway is over, you can download the database and make sure we haven't missed anything.


We have affordable prices. The cost of the service depends on how much data you need to collect, so you don't pay anything extra. The more information you need to collect the bigger the discount we offer. If it’s just a small-scale giveaway, the price will be appropriate. At the same time, you can process up to 300 likes and comments without paying anything!


The interface is clear and simple but we have prepared instructions to help you navigate the site faster.





When you go to the website’s home page, you will see the Pick a winner button (fig.1). The same can be found in the menu located in the upper right corner of the screen (Fig.2). 





Choose your method of selection: based on a single giveaway post or among all of your followers (Fig. 3). Now let’s look at how to pick a winner based on each of the parameters. 






Choose Based on a single post, provide a link to the post or your profile name and click on Find. (fig. 4).



We’ve opted for the profile link so the system offers to select the publication you want (fig. 5). Click on it. 




After that, choose the rules we should check: 


  • unique comments + likes + subscriptions;

  • all comments + likes + subscriptions;

  • likes + subscriptions.


To check comments + likes, put the toggle switch in the right position (fig. 6). This applies to each option. 

After that, all you have to do is specify the number of prizes and click on Pick a winner.


The system will calculate the cost of the service and redirect you to the payment page. When the payment is made, data collection and processing will start (fig. 7). This process takes a few seconds. 




After the data analysis is over, the page will automatically refresh and you can select a winner (fig. 8). To do this, click on the button as shown below to launch the randomizer. The winner’s number and username will be displayed on the screen (fig. 9).




Next, the system will automatically check the giveaway rule compliance. In our example, it’s likes and subscriptions (fig. 10). We use the same principle to select the second prize winner, and when we're done, we click on Complete the giveaway (fig. 11).




And now a nice surprise: you can download a picture with the winner’s profile photo (fig. 12) to post it on Instagram. The link to the giveaway winner selection process and two files with participant lists will also be available to you. You can make sure that the database was collected correctly and that we haven't missed any participants (fig.13)







Select Among Followers and provide a link to or a name of the desired account (fig. 14). Click on the Find button.





The system will display the profile information: the number of sponsors and participants. You need to specify the number of possible winners (fig. 15).





The cost of the service is listed at the bottom. Click on Pick a winner and you will be automatically redirected to the payment page. After the payment is made, the system will start collecting data (Fig. 16). This happens super fast, we don't even have time to make a screenshot of the full process because we get the result almost immediately.




When the database is collected, the page will refresh and you can launch the winner selection. To do this, click on the button as shown below (fig. 17). As soon as at this stage, you can copy the link and post it on your Instagram profile so that participants can find themselves on the list. You’ll see a popup window with the winner’s number and username (fig. 18). 




After that, the system will automatically check the winner for subscriptions (fig. 19). You can click on the Check button and see the details: the list of all sponsors and subscriptions to them (fig.20). Once the winner is selected, click on Complete the Giveaway.  




Done! Download the image with the winner’s username to make the giveaway result announcement easier for you (fig. 21). 


And we also provide the collected participant database in two formats, Excel and CSV. They can be downloaded and published to let everybody know the giveaway was fair (fig. 22).





Our customer support is always available. Go to the support chat by clicking on the blue dialogue icon at the bottom of the screen. Friendly operators will help you with any questions and will be sure to wish you a good day. 

  • 15.08.2022
  • 4.00
  • 23913
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