How to Pick a YouTube Giveaway Winner

How to Pick a YouTube Giveaway Winner
  • 16.08.2022
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Need a service to collect a database of comments and determine the winner of your YouTube giveaway? Then you've come to the right place! With our help, you'll do it in a couple of minutes. 


We'll collect participant data based on all comments (an ID number will be assigned to each comment) or based on unique authors (every participant is assigned only one ID number regardless of how many comments they posted). The service will also check subscriptions to your channel. And that's not all of our advantages!


We require no registration. Not that we wouldn't like to get to know you better, but we won't impose ourselves on you either. We believe in simplicity: provide a profile link - specify the rules - get the result. Why would we need all these conventions with the required authorization? 


We offer free checks and great rates. Host giveaways with up to 300 comments and forget about payment. Our pricing is customized: we offer low prices for small-scale giveaways but we provide discounts for larger ones as well.


We work quickly. The entire process is automated - you do not have to check anything manually. Winner selection takes no more than two minutes.


There’s no time limit on the service use. The paid link is available for an unlimited number of winner selections. This can be useful if you don't want to make a mistake in the live broadcast without understanding the site's functionality. Pay for the service in advance and use it as much as necessary.






Go to the website’s home page and find the Pick a YouTube winner button (fig.1). You can do the same by clicking on the menu located in the upper right corner of the screen (fig. 2). 



Provide the link to the video and click on Find. Note that your account must be public (fig. 3). 





Choose which rules you want to check: all comments + channel subscription or unique comments + channel subscription (fig. 4). At the bottom, specify the number of prizes and click on Pick a winner. 


You will then be able to make the payment. When the payment is made, data collection and processing will start (fig. 5). This process usually takes a few seconds.



The page will refresh. At this stage, you can copy the link to the winner selection and share it on your social media profiles so that your subscribers are able to find themselves on the list and be sure that the contest is fair (fig. 6). 


Pick a winner by clicking on the button as shown below (fig. 6). This will start the process of random number generation. Once it’s over, the system will display the winner’s username and ID number (fig. 7).




After that, an automatic channel subscription check will start (fig. 8). If the winner didn’t comply with the giveaway rules, click on Pick Another Winner. Once the winner is determined, click on the Complete the Giveaway button (fig. 9).



The system will provide an image with the winner’s username and profile photo, which you can download and publish on your social media profiles (fig. 10). You can also download an Excel file with a database of participants to let everybody know that the giveaway was fair (fig.11). 





Hosting giveaways is easy and fun, and with You to Gift, it's even more convenient.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Find the dialog box in the bottom corner of the screen and start a chat. We'll help you navigate the site, answer any questions, and even chat with you about unrelated matters. 

  • 16.08.2022
  • 4.80
  • 25318
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