Instagram Trends 2023: What Generation Z Is Interested In

Instagram Trends 2023: What Generation Z Is Interested In
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Instagram Trends 2023: What Generation Z Is Interested In


Want to know what tricks you need to use to successfully sell to young people on Instagram? The social platform did large-scale research and highlighted several areas that will be relevant in 2023. In this article, we'll talk about them in detail and share ideas for applying this information in practice.


To begin with, here's a little background information: we're talking about kids born between 1997 and 2012. Yes, yes, yesterday's kid who was playing ball on the playground outside the house is now a representative of the full-fledged group targeted by marketers. The study was conducted among young people between the ages of 16 and 24. Don't rush to close the page if your audience is a little older: this information is sure to be useful to everyone and will inspire new ideas that can be applied to any content.


Repurposing and Recycling 


The fight for the environment continues to gain momentum. Concerned about the scale of consumerism, Zoomers plan to reduce spending on clothing in 2023. But since we can't do without it at all, they plan to create things themselves. In 2023, we will see a boom in handmade products.


Influencers support this idea in every way possible: for example, Emma Rogue is holding a campaign in which she calls for old Halloween costumes to be recycled. Subsequently, they will be used to create a fashionable clothing collection. In our area, there is also a trend for reusing goods - there's a reason why vintage and stock stores are popular on social media.


If you're selling clothing, don't rush to panic about possible sales declines (it probably won't even happen). Instead, show how your brand supports environment-friendly initiatives: packaging with as little plastic as possible, not testing products on animals, or accepting packaging for recycling. You can start taking care of the planet in small steps. For starters, stop putting piles of waste paper in every order or start donating money to the right charities.


Activism and Charity


This year, interest in charitable projects is expected to increase. Instagram acts as a mouthpiece that volunteers use to draw attention to problems, and young people, including teenagers, are eager to support the initiative with money.


Your company's image will only improve if you also donate to help those in need. The easiest option is to specify that a certain percentage of your sales is sent to a fund each month. You can write about it in the header of your profile and even mention it in your ads. Some brands prefer to help locally: for example, bring food to the elderly once a month or visit dog shelters with gifts. Film Stories about it, post about it and make it clear that it's only possible because of your followers' support. People are more willing to shop if they know some of their money will go to good causes.


Zoomers also want to see people with disabilities among the influencers.Three out of four respondents said they would be interested in following them. Young users of the social platform are expected to actively advocate for the preservation of the rights and freedoms of this minority. 


Interest in Music and Rave Parties


Do you like music? Teenagers do too! Moreover, there is a resurgence of interest in rave parties or discos, where everyone can feel free and happy. In 2023, more than half of the survey participants plan to attend such an event and have a blast.


Music is a way for zoomers to express themselves, so they not only listen to it, but also create it. This is perfectly illustrated by the TikTokers who became popular thanks to social media, and now perform on TV and sing their songs from the stage. We don't urge you to become a singer to get your subscribers interested. Just use trending tracks in your videos: k-pop and Latin American beats are going to be popular this year, which means you should add them to your reels.




Zoomers choose bright makeup to express their feelings, show their character, and emphasize their emotions. In 2023, social media will show experimental and expressive makeup, both casual and for special occasions.


For makeup artists, this is a great opportunity to demonstrate their skills and attract a new audience to their content. Bloggers who want their followers to remember them and to stand out among their colleagues can make bright makeup their thing.


Interaction with Influencers 


Young people want to be more involved with the bloggers they follow. And this should not be based purely on a material basis: you give me money and I'll chat with you. On the contrary, young people want genuine interaction with influencers and expect them to make the first step: to create communities for social interaction and organize meetings.


If there’s not much interaction with your followers on your profile, it's worth working on establishing closer contact. To do this, add a Q&A section, respond to comments regularly, and increase the amount of time you spend on your DMs. Make your messages detailed and friendly - this will increase follower loyalty.


The Instagram study also says that 2023 is the year of mixed media. Content creators are moving to other platforms and evolving in new directions. More than 40 percent of respondents said they expect to see their favorite bloggers as podcast hosts. So if you've been wanting to try a new role for a long time, this year is the perfect time to do it.


Virtual Reality


Zuckerberg must be thrilled with the results of this survey: the study showed that young people's interest in the virtual universe is growing. While we were criticizing virtual avatars, It turned out that 67% of respondents were positive about this novelty and were in favor of improving it. According to the zoomers' preferences, our virtual counterparts should even better reflect the features of a person's physique, skin color, and their own style. So if you are interested in the topic of the metaverse, now is the time to start a blog and tell the world about it.


The AI-generated content also has an impact on Generation Z: more than half of those surveyed admitted that they would take inspiration from its creations.


Keep track of AI-related news and talk about them. For example, recently everyone marveled at how accurately a neural network draws people based on just a few photos. Why not show it on your blog and talk to your followers about the world's innovations? Even if you don't know much about it, you can post a couple of pictures of yourself from the AI and invite your audience to evaluate them.


Making Money Online


The trend of making money on social media was not about to go anywhere: two-thirds of survey participants said that in 2023 they were going to use digital platforms as a workspace. They plan to make money by monetizing their content on Instagram, although almost half of the respondents make videos for their own entertainment, not just for fame or cash.


Here, of course, we could roll our eyes and say that young people have only videos on their minds, but they surprised us. In 2023, more than 85% of the younger generation plan to learn a new skill, and one in four teens is interested in the topic of financial literacy.


If you are running an educational activity on Instagram, why not consider teenagers as your target audience? Even the complex subject of investing can be presented in an accessible way, and the basics of financial literacy will be useful for everyone.


Love and Memes


Tinder is no longer necessary. Teenagers are actively using Instagram to meet people and find love. They find it more appealing because it allows for transparent, honest, and direct communication.


And to make communication really fun, you need to use your sense of humor: almost half of the survey participants said they would like to be able to start a conversation simply by sending a funny picture. But bad taste in memes will make communication less appealing - 39% of respondents said so.




Viral videos with food recipes and engaging food videos are still trending and interesting not only to moms but also to teenagers. Zoomers said Instagram is helping them experience new cultures and learn about the world through their smartphone screen. Sixty-eight percent of respondents said that such content makes them want to try another country's cuisine and thereby broaden their horizons.


There is an opinion that if a niche is oversaturated, there is no point in going into it. But the undying popularity of cooking blogs suggests that there is plenty of room for everyone because it's not about the topic but about how you approach the implementation of your ideas. Instead of showing how to make meatballs from grandma's recipe, try to make a Michelin star chef's dish or do a national cuisine week. This will definitely attract a lot more attention to your content. 




It is worth saying that the survey was conducted among users in the United States, so its results may not accurately reflect Russian Instagram. But even with this data, we can draw our own conclusions about the trends for 2023.


Sincerity and friendliness, care for the planet and humor, freedom of expression, and building your own world - all these concepts have long been familiar to everyone. The epidemic of authenticity has been raging on Instagram for years now, and with each passing year, it takes over more and more areas of life. If a couple of years ago we were sick of perfect photos and horrible filters, now it extends to the relationship between bloggers, brands, and followers.


If you're an environmentalist, don't hesitate to talk about it. If you're helping shelters, tell your audience about it. Don't think of these stories as bragging - young people will appreciate any action that's for the good of the world. Don't be afraid to be yourself, even if you want to present yourself in an unexpected way or show your subscribers your own handmade jacket. Half of your audience will mimic you. Stake on showing your values - you won't go wrong with this trump card up your sleeve.


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