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You to Gift - the best giveaway service!

No ads, authorization or registration. TRY YOU TO GIFT NOW and you'll learn that:

  • It's safe. No authorization or registration required. Just provide a link to the contest post or profile and determine the winner based on your desired parameters.
  • It's cost-efficient. Pay for a post (or multiple posts) and run a giveaway an unlimited number of times. Our prices are 72% lower than our competitors and depend only on the volume of data processed.
  • It's free. Run Instagram giveaways one post at a time and determine winners absolutely free of charge (if there are up to 100 giveaway participants).
  • It's convenient. We will collect databases by any criterion: likes, comments, or subscribers without any limits on their number. If you need to collect information on several posts, the service can do that too.
  • It's reliable.We guarantee to process 100% of information: comments, likes, and followers. Automatic check of contest rules compliance and You to Gift randomizer guarantee fair prize draws and winner selection.
  • It's fast.We won't make you watch ads, and we'll collect and process your participant base 300% faster than any of our competitors.
  • It's fair. After the giveaway is over, you'll receive a link to it, which each participant can use to check the results and winners. The link also provides a public Excel database with all participants and their assigned ID numbers.
  • It's legit. We've been active since 2019. During this time, over 1.5 million users managed to run their giveaways and appreciate the convenience of our service.