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You to Gift - the best giveaway service!

YOU TO GIFT is the leading platform for picking YouTube giveaway winners. This is a service without annoying ads that doesn't require you to register and enter PERSONAL information. You can use it right now and make sure that:

  • We're safe.Forget about services that ask for personal information. You to Gift will never ask for the password to your YouTube account. All you need to do is copy the link to the video and choose the parameters to determine the winners.
  • We're a bargain. Provide a link to the video, pay for our services for the selected video, and you'll get the opportunity to run giveaways using it an unlimited number of times. Our service is 72% cheaper than any other platform.
  • We're convenient.The participant databases can be collected both based on all comments or on unique comments only (the service will exclude additional comments from the same author).
  • We're reliable. We'll collect all the information about your giveaway (unlimited number of comments and/or followers) and automatically verify users' compliance with giveaway rules. The participant database will be generated 300% faster than on any other platform.
  • We're fair. Once the winners are determined, a complete and open Excel participant database with their ID numbers will be available to you and a link to the contest results will be available to everyone!
  • We've got millions of users. The service has been running since 2019, and during that time our users hosted over 1.5 million giveaways!

Thanks to You to Gift, YouTube giveaways are EASY!